The only real estate development company in Turkey that is publicly traded by 100%, Kuyaş Real Estate organized its 12th Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly for 2016 on 29th March 2017, Tuesday at 14.00, at the Event Hall of Kuyumcukent Shopping Center.

The general assembly was opened by Sait Erdal Metiner , the Chairman of the Executive Board and Metiner informed about the company’s activities in the past and plans for the future. Underlining that in addition to real estate development, which is the main activity of the company, they also established and started another business titled “Kuyaş Management” which operates in facility management and operations, Sait Erdal Metiner also heralded the establishment of a Sales and Marketing Company by Kuyaş.

Speaking after Sait Erdal Metiner, General Manager Salih Sağında explained the investment tool performance for 2016 as follows: "The figures of rise for 2016 has been 20% in USD, 11% in BIST 100 Index, 9% in Gold Ounce per USD, 31% in Gold Gram per TRY whereas Kuyaş Stocks grew by 34%. In stock yield terms, we have the 73rd rank among 450 publicly traded companies and 3rd rank among 35 real estate companies."

Salih Sağında also briefed about corporate activities and targets. Noting that the total figure of sale in the first quarter of 2017 in the commercial areas of IVP Center Plaza, ICP Office Blocks, Kuyumcukent Workshops and Kuyumcukent Shopping Center within Kuyumcukent Campus, Salih Sağında spoke as follows about the ongoing urban transformation projects in the Asian Side of Istanbul: “Currently, we have 3 continuing projects in Fenerbahçe, Kalamış and Caddebostan, which are the most prestigious areas of Kadıköy. Our Lots and Project Development Team carries out the feasibility of and forwards for assessment more than 200 projects annually. We implement the ones we select among these developed projects.’’ General Manager Salih Sağında also said that they are planning projects in significant districts of Istanbul including Bahçelievler, Küçükçekmece and Kadıköy.

The meeting continued with the Q/A session with stakeholders and showing of hands and was closed with greetings of stakeholders and the closing address by Chairman Sait Erdal Metiner.